ARISTOTLE AI: Intelligent Planning Software
for UHNW Multi-Generational Families

Aristotle AI helps you deliver more sophisticated estate and wealth planning advice, enhance client value, and strengthen client relationships with less time and effort.

Collect & Analyze

AI-Powered Document Analysis & Reporting

Accelerate your practice with AI-powered technology that extracts valuable information buried within PDFs and archived documents.

Then seamlessly organize your clients’ vital data, enabling you to see it all in one place and recognize gaps or opportunities effortlessly.

Save 10-40+ hours of manual document searching, reading and recording key data on average per family

Visualize & Achieve

Holistic Overview of Financial Health

Provide your clients a transparent, digital view of their entire financial situation, including estate, net worth, tax, and insurance. Do this upfront and ongoing.

What sets us apart is our focus on understanding the “why” behind your planning. We connect strategies to your client’s goals, providing elegant, insightful solutions and demonstrate progress.

Save 20-50+ hours of manual effort in powerpoint or excel on average per family

Communication & Collaboration

Strengthening Advisor-Family Communication for Better Planning

Promote open communication and deeper understanding among generations while ensuring that coordinated advice and shared wisdom flows smoothly among trusted professional advisors.

AI draws insights from a network of similar ultra-high-net-worth, multi-generational families within our system, enriching your advice and the family’s strategic planning.

Constituents & Accountability

  • Gain critical understanding of perspectives, roles and responsibilities across multi-generational families and their key professional advisors.
  • Illuminate the value of your team and the interface with other professionals.
  • Allow multiple stakeholders top-level overviews, drill-down capabilities, and visualizations to provide transparency and spur communication.
  • Present customized reports to all generations to enhance understanding.

Estate & Wealth Visualization

  • Illustrate how estate strategies and structures change based on circumstances.
  • Harness multi-generational estate planning tools.
  • Execute insights based on deep client data custom to family needs and goals.
  • Integrate and also show comprehensive data on legal entities, comprehensive net worth, tax and insurance.
  • Leverage AI and network effect from UHNW data set.

Who we Work With

Professionals serving families of multi-generational wealth with an evolved service model. They work with all members of the family and the team of trusted advisors to collect information, analyze, orchestrate, communicate, visualize and execute sound financial planning strategies far beyond just investment portfolio decisions. IWP allows you to bring the team together. Share insights, enhance communication, all for the enhanced value and experience of the client family.

Family Offices

Wealth Managers

Accountants and Tax Advisors

Trust and Estate Attorneys



Today’s financial planning software is focused on reporting portfolio investments, while the nuances of estate, tax and insurance are still evaluated, interpreted and planned by hand. Integrated Wealth Platform’s mission is to build technology that helps professionals efficiently deliver a level of advice formerly only available to the very few.

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