Intelligent Planning Software for Multi-Generational Families

Insights Beyond Investment Management

A Dedicated Product for High Net Worth Family Wealth Planning

IWP’s automated software helps professionals orchestrate and affirm sound planning for multi-generational families by collecting and interpreting disparate documents to reveal insights beyond investment management.

Why Integrated Wealth Platform?

Unlike today’s financial planning and reporting software, IWP automates the manual process of organizing critical data and uncovering insights for complex families. A multi-generational family may not start out complex, but it will become so. You need a smart system that grows with them and shows the financial landscape far beyond consolidated asset reporting.

IWP augments advisors’ skill, knowledge and service delivered to their multi-generation client families. By adopting advanced technology like machine-learning and automation IWP visualizes and tracks family goals, identifies markers of success and areas for improvement. Families receive a report on the progress and value added across their comprehensive financial plan.

Features to Evolve the Experience

  • Multigenerational family planning
  • Alignment of trusted advisors
  • Integration of financial data and insight across Net Worth, Estate, Tax and Insurance

Multi-perspective presentation illustrates financial data for individuals, subsets as well as the whole family

Each family member, trustee or interested party sees the data and insight specific to their customized goals and executed plan.

Align the team into a virtual family office

Client families only benefit when the various trusted professionals are aligned and can act like a family office that shares information and insight. IWP enables you to be the advisor who brings the team together

Core Product Features

Estate beyond the jargon

Understand the strategies in place, evaluate their effectiveness and illuminate opportunities for additional value.

Net worth beyond total assets minus liabilities

Manage the nuances of complex ownership, relationship between liquidity and illiquidity, assets and debt.

Taxes beyond forms and schedules

Tax codes are changing as do families tax situation. See the full picture year over year so all opportunities are taken to maximize family value.

Insurance beyond the sale

Insure the risk to the family. Identify gaps and affirm coverage, leaving no surprise, but otherwise avoidable risk.


Who we Work With

Professionals serving families of multi-generational wealth with an evolved service model. They work with all members of the family and the team of trusted advisors to collect information, analyze, orchestrate, communicate, visualize and execute sound financial planning strategies far beyond just investment portfolio decisions. IWP allows you to bring the team together. Share insights, enhance communication, all for the enhanced value and experience of the client family.

Family Offices

Wealth Managers

Accountants and Tax Advisors

Trust and Estate Attorneys



Today’s financial planning software is focused on reporting portfolio investments, while the nuances of estate, tax and insurance are still evaluated, interpreted and planned by hand. Integrated Wealth Platform’s mission is to build technology that helps professionals efficiently deliver a level of advice formerly only available to the very few.

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